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America’s new President, Barack Obama, took office 18 days ago. Already he has appointed several tax cheats to his Administration. One of them is now in charge of the Treasury Department, and by extension, the IRS. The Administration and Congressional Democrats are now using the same fear-mongering propaganda we came to despise from the Bush (and Clinton, Bush, Reagan, et cetera) Administration to pass equally misleading “emergency” legislation. Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, argued on behalf of the Washington D.C. total gun ban in front of the Supreme Court in the recent Heller case, and may soon be in charge of which guns are acceptable for civilians to own. Troop levels and deaths in Afghanistan and Pakistan are up, the troops in Iraq aren’t coming home anytime soon, and new, unconstitutionally appointed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking a hard-line Brzezinski-esque approach to Iran. It looks as though we’ll soon be borrowing nearly a trillion dollars, at interest, from the Federal Reserve, a private corporation and a company which employed Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner until his appointment to the Cabinet. The promised tax cuts for ninety-five percent of Americans are nowhere in sight. Reuters today reported that the promised health care reform will be delayed.

Somehow, I do not believe that this is the change Americans voted for.


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