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An Open Letter to Rep. Linda S. Bolon

Following is a letter I wrote to Ohio House Representative Linda S. Bolon (D), District 1.

I urge you, as a representative of the People of this great State of Ohio, to read New Hampshire House Resolution HCR 0006, available at

The co-sponsors of this resolution in New Hampshire are true American patriots, acting to protect the People of their State from the out-of-control Federal government which was formed to protect the same. The Constitution, which was ratified by the several States, and accepted by our State, explicitly states that any power not specifically delegated to the Federal government belongs to the States or the People. Nearly all acts of Congress in our lifetimes have been unconstitutional acts, seeking to take liberty from the States and the People. The constitution is very straightforward and does not allow for the statutes and laws, executive orders, and judicial orders so often passed into “law” by the Federal government. All of these “laws” are null and void, according to the Constitution for the United States.

We have long forgotten, as a People, what exactly the Constitution means, and what “State” means, and who is supposed to have the power in this Union. We act as though we are one nation, which is absolutely false. We are a Union of fifty nations, fifty States, bound together by certain, enumerated principles, spelled out specifically in the Constitution for the United States. We have for too long allowed the Federal government to exercise power over the individual States and it is high time this was put to an end.

I call on you to act swiftly in introducing a similar resolution in the Ohio House of Representatives. It is your duty as a representative of the People of this great State to protect our liberties and those of our State.

Jeremy D Forsythe
Salem, Ohio


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